People drop the cliche like it’s hot, but how often do they actually pony up the 1000 words to go with a picture? The reality is that a good picture, like a good story, should leave you at a loss for words. So here’s your chance to make good on both.

1000 Indisposed Words Fiction Contestrenoenvy2

I love stories. And I love short ones. You might have seen the Three Minute Fiction deal running on NerdPR all summer, or you may listen to The Moth Podcast to hear some great short form storytelling. Some of the best Ignites are the ones that have an element of narrative. 1000 indisposed words is all about the stories that come from images.

Below is a picture: Submit your 1000 words by Sunday October 31, and the best entry will win a T-Shirt from Reno eNVy.


  1. Submission must be inspired by the above image and reference some visual element at least once.
  2. 1 submission per person.
  3. no more than 1000 words, no less than 800.
  4. Fiction only.
  5. Post Submissions here, or in the comments, or posted to the Mike Henderson Facebook Page or the Reno eNVy Facebook Page. Title your Submission “Indisposed Fiction October: <TITLE>.”
  6. You may also post a web link to your submission which must be dated no earlier than 10/01/2009. Tag your entries “iai1000oct.”
  7. Entries will be judged by me and Scott from Reno eNVy. Will ship anywhere the USPS delivers to in the US.
  8. Top 5 entries will be posted here on i am indisposed.

This contest is proudly sponsored by Reno eNVy.


ps Got a picture for next months 100 indisposed words? Post it in the comments.