Every time I’m in the RBP shop people come in and want to buy a frame and build it up themselves. But getting the knowledge and experience is something that takes a bit more attention and help than is easy to get during regular business hours at the shop. So it’s really cool that we’re finally getting the Build-A-Bike program up and running starting in two weeks. Spots are limited. And it WILL fill up…

Build-a-Bike Program Starts june 4. Sign up now, only 8 spots.

Hey all,

The long awaited Build-A-Bike maintenance course is finally here.

Build-a-Bike starts June 4, and is going to be taught by Ed Jenson, a veteran of the Washoe County School District and professional bike mechanic.

This program is going to be a comprehensive look at biycles and how to repair them. From flat tires to rebuilding wheels, Ed and the RBP volunteers
are going to teach you how to do a complete overhaul.

There are six three-hour courses, starting Wednesday, June 4th. And continuing for the five following Wednesdays.

Participants can either bring their own bicycle or purchase a bike from RBP.

Cost of the class is $50 and includes most everything except a bicycle.

Space is limited to 8 spots so sign up fast.

for questions or to sign up email us at
or call the shop

see you soon,


in the alley between ralston and bell
S.E. corner
250 bell st,
Reno, NV 89503