So based on my experience with the Salt Lake City bloggers/geeks and the dinner meetups they have every month, and the strictly online debates that have been bouncing around the last few weeks re the whole new media thing, I’m kicking off the Reno Blogger Dinner thing here too. The SLC crew are good people who maintain their online community through regular offline contact.
blogger dinner
So please sign in and join up if you can. I’ll do the leg work for this one and we can pick someone to do it for the next one. Hopefully this can be a good time to get together and talk in person rather than just bouncing snarky comments off each other.

This really needs to be more than just the usuals here, so if you don’t know me or Jerz, or Bob, or Myrna or any of the other Reno New Media Douchebags, please come, we’d love to meet you. (unless you’re creepy).