Other cultures can seem strange and shocking to outsiders. When experiencing a new culture the best thing to do is open your mind and observe the magic.

Quite unexpectedly, while attending a fairly prominent bicycle race last weekend, Danielle and I were given the treat to experience a new cultural ceremony first hand, and we absorbed it with keen attention. Travel and culture is a passion of ours.

The event was what I would call an “Injun Matrimonial Ceremony” performed by a local spiritual man of some high repute and regard with many of those in attendance. Some were so moved as to exclaim the name of God at his mere appearance amongst them. Some genuflected and were quickened enough by this spiritual man’s obvious power to weep in contorted, almost grotesque, convulsions of spiritual mirth

“I am called Two Feathersincrackofass of the great tribe of Obi Wan Chipotle, Band of the Red Rock Flaming Warriors, Local 313, and messenger of the great love goddess Pokeahontas Slapahinie.”

What followed was one of the most intriguing ceremonial rites of passage I have ever witnessed. The cloistered, city dwelling, hamburger eating and bicycle riding man in me wants to call it bizarre, but I recognize that cultures around the world, even our own, have an incestuous relationship with the sacred and the profane, so I am reticent to pass judgment on what I saw until such time as I am enlightened, or intoxicated, enough to comprehend it. Fortunately, I had a video camera…