Or when to say Good night and Gofuckyourself,

photo by Stephen Mcleod

I recently found a web app called Qwitter that alerts you when twitter followers drop you and what was the most recent tweet that presumably promoted them to click the expunge button over your face.

Here are my first two:
“misterperry (misterperry) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet:

Interesting to get reports of when and who is dropping you on twitter: http://useqwitter.com/ i guess @zekesaysso doesn’t like fart jokes?

Check out misterperry’s profile here:


I’m pretty sure I was never following MisterPerry anyway.

“Zeke (ZekeSaysSo) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet:

list of things to do while waiting for outlook to deliver search results #1 walk to @robgaedtke’s office to fart Whats on your’s #outlooksux

Check out ZekeSaysSo’s profile here:


Question: Is this a way to find out who your true friends are or a tool that helps you find and cull your Twitter Love Connections?

I think it’s great. Not everyone is meant to be followed by everyone. I definitely want to be careful about being negative and douchey on Twitter, but if I need to drop an Eff-Bomb for a laugh, then I’m sure my friends will understand.

I know there are a bunch of people who I follow that I don’t necessarily want to offend, but I’ll refrain from religious, racial and socioeconomic burns, and I assume they’ll forgive my occasional (hourly) gaffs of good taste in deference to transparency and personality.

Either way, not everyone likes you. Not everyone who likes you wants to follow you on twitter. Not everyone who likes you wants to see you naked. Some do, for everything else, there’s Twitter.

Peace out,