I’ve been thinking about Location based apps a bit lately. Not so much that I can’t concentrate on bacon, but enough that I occasionally think about places I can eat bacon and still check in on Foursquare.

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My main problem is that Foursquare isn’t content. Sending an automatic update to twitter from your foursquare profile saying that you’re at a location or that you earned some badge isn’t really interesting to your followers unless they 1) are close to the venue you’re at and 2) actually want to come hang out with you.

My guess is that those two standards aren’t met that often, and what you’re really doing by telling people you’re at Suzy’s Adult Bookstore is just annoying people, not providing any real content. It’s cool if you “shout” from foursquare because that’s just like tweeting, but with a location link. Still, that location link doesn’t get you to any real information about the venue with images, reviews, menus, links, etc… So it’s still pretty useless. Without some kind of real content Foursquare updates are lame at worst, and Nontent (non-content) at best.

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