Bacon is important to me. And so is photography. So my project this year is to post a photo of bacon every day for the next year.

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Below are the first week’s submissions:


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More than 2 billion pounds of bacon is produced in the U.S. each year.


Resplendant Bacon @ dawn
Regular sliced bacon is .062 inches thick (1/16 inch) 16 – 20 slices per pound. Thin sliced bacon is .031 inches thick (1/32 inch) 28 – 32 slices per pound, and thick sliced bacon is .111 inches thick (1/8 inch) 10 – 14 slices per pound.


Bacon sunrise. #3, Bacon 365


Bacon bar



Salad w bacon bits, or bacon w salad bits?
Bacon has no vitamin C or dietary fiber, that’s why it’s important to add a little salad to your bacon occasionally.


Bacon cheeseburger