For the record, I was a Viddler FanBoy before I met Rob and hung out with him in Tahoe and got to know him.

But he’s right. Viddler is about your ideas and your brand and the communities that you develop based on your ideas, creativity and efforts. As Rob points out, “At this point you could dedicate energy to playing the Youtube game.. or focus on your own game. Viddler is glad to help in promotion, but getting big on Youtube is a jungle of cross-promotion and playing the subscription game giving power to Youtube.”

I focus most of my energy promoting my viddler videos because they in turn promote me, and make for a richer interactive experience with the people watching. YouTube doesn’t really get me that. 

Is YouTube better for viral videos of people farting, falling down, or doing outrageous thing? Probably. But That’s not really what it’s all about. At least for me… (Obviously I’m not above videos of people farting.)

Thanks Rob!