Face in the Aspens

We interviewed some of the winners of the Reno-Tahoe Young Professional’s Network last night at ‘Voila in Downtown Reno, NV. It was a quaint event hosted by Beryl Love of the Reno Gazette-Journal. I’m not a member of YPN and don’t anticipate becoming one. The shocker of the night was hearing someone who otherwise appeared young and hip describe him/herself as more professional than young, and say that casual just means sloppy.

I was wearing my $150 dollar Camper shoes, hipster glasses, cowboy shirt and Carhardt work pants accented with my grandfather’s Dobb’s 5th Avenue hat complete with cheasy yellow feather. That’s style bitches. Not slop. What that tells me is: Creative is not Professional. Can i be creative and still try to be professional? Do I want to? 

Congrats to Leilani Schweitzer who won this year. She’s more young than professional for sure. And more creative that Professional as well. And that’s the way to be. 

Vival Las Creative!