Chestie has been getting a lot of attention lately. A vertable SPATE of Chestie sightings have been reported with limited photographic evidence available. We got close last night though. Jimbo and I got him on video. He’s the amorphous pixelated mass in the park when the cameraphone pans left.

A little background on chestie:

Chestie was born Roger Chesterton in Louisville Kentucky where his father was a 90 pound weakling working as a nurse in the gynacology canter at Louisville general geriatric center and his mother was an attractive older woman who was wont to make it with muscly noshirtwearing young men with outrageously sculpted chests. His parents split up early on and the cougar Chesterton was always galavanting around with tight young specimens while the young and developing man who would eventually morph into Chesty McCougarhunter.

Chsetie by the river

Chsetie by the river

Chesty eventually hopped a train west to live in Reno and ride his bike all over town trying to repair the rift between him and his dear, but inattentive mother and prove to his father that he could overcome his poor genes bu breaking the 115lb mark. Through endless days and nights pumping the iron @ Sports West in the wee hours of the night and tanning mercilessly @ Plumas Park, chesty is now the sculpted, bronzed cougarhunting machine you see above.

If you see Chestie, snap a photo. The best photo will receive a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and as many hot dogs as you can eat in one sitting.

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