Disp.pos.al: February 23rd through February 24th:

  • Matchstick Productions – Some cool videos by Ski movie giant Matchstick Productions on a cool new video player called MobileRider. Checkit.
  • Republic of Molossia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – EVEN MICRO WAR IS STILL WAR: On 22 May 2006, Molossia went to “war” with a nearby micronation, Mustachistan. After a brief period of conflict the Molossians emerged victorious.
  • calvert creative – I haven’t read this, but it sounds annying. “But Twitter for Business? How Twitter can Move Your Business?”
  • Flickr Adds NoFollow to Photo Description Links – Flickr today took away a major source of link juice for the social media marketers and search engine optimization link builders who were using its description area for link building via installing a NoFollow attribute on outbound links which Flickr member