Well, it’s down to the wire. The Seamonkey is going to emerge any day now. We’re only ONE WEEK FROM DUE!!!

Sara took some awesome photos of Danielle in front of the Nevada Museum of Art last weekend and has posted them on her blog. Be sure to click over and post a comment about how awesome the photos are and how beautiful Danielle looks!

photo by Sara Newkirk

Here’s a very short essay I wrote in hopes of winning a Bike from Public Bikes.

My Passenger

The wind blows in our hair as we round the corner. I check my passenger. A helmet sways as potholes rock the bike, neighbor dog barks, leaves blow down the street. A car slowly passes, it’s driver smiling at us.

Pedal crank. Climb the hill. Ring the bell. Hang a left towards the park and head down. letting it go. letting it coast. Speed builds, and the fall air is so cool and new that it’s the first day of school, the first sunset, the first red leaves, the first fall evening ever.

My passenger’s first time wearing a helmet. First time rolling on two wheels. First time seeing the city from a bike. Feet kick, arms waive, I hear a laugh, I feel a tug at my shirt tail. I turn and see a smile, hair blowing in the wind. I see a face that is familiar, yet still unknowable, still uncertain. Though everything else about this future memory is as sharp and clean and familiar as the diamond lines of our bicycle and the sound of catalpa seed pods crunching under the tires and exploding in a puff, my passenger has yet to show his face.

Her face?

March, 2010

That’s all for now.