I’m not good at Haiku, but this popped out yesterday:

Heard fireworks last night
Thought the city was being bombed
Nice living in the hills

We used to live near downtown Reno. Reno has become a town addicted to fireworks. As if the casinos need to make their presence known. I think most of them in the summer time come from the Baseball games. Not sure why minor league ball games warrant fireworks at every game.

Reno fireworks come around 11:00 PM or so. About the end of an infant’s sleep cycle when it doesn’t take much to arouse them. We dealt with that a lot living down town. Now we live at the south end of town up on the hill. Close to the ski resort, close to trails, far from down town.

We used to sweat under our breath and cringe for the crescendo of fussing. Now we get agitated and look out the windows for plumes of smoke rising from town.