There’s nothing better than a nice morning hike. The early sun, for an hour after sunrise at least, is still between worlds. Most people are the same at those hours. Like someone hit the dimmer switch and you crank it up slowly. If it stayed too long you’d always be looking for a chain to pull to make it brighter. It’s like that in the higher latitudes. The transitions go on and on in low slow angles.

It’s not really like that of course. You get what you get and you don’t get upset. You live in a place long enough, you get accustomed to being where you are and you don’t notice it. It is night, and then it becomes day. A bike tire is much the same. At point A you have 35 lbs of pressure, and at point b you have just 5. At some point you break the seal and everything is the same.

Most things aren’t truly emergent. If you’re fast enough, or slow enough there is always a lengthy transition. If they found nutrinos that can travel FTL (Faster Than Light) then maybe the Department of They can locate a particle and/or a wave that is A and becomes B without spending time as either, neither or both. Until then only bike rides become hikes instantaneously with a simple realization that it can’t be fixed on the trail.