I have over 200 followers on Twitter. Some of that is useless chatter, some is people I don’t know and probably have nothing in common with, but we follow each other because of mutual friends, some of it is spam, some is business contacts, and some are real friends whose comments, observations, witicisms, links, rants and happenings I am interested in.

Yesterday I found a tool that helps you visualize yout Twitter useage. http://tweetstats.com/graphs/mehwolfy TweetStats.com is a cool tool that shows your tweet frequency by month, by day / time of day, hourly, daily, and who you most reply to. It also shows a cool tag cloud of frequently tweet terms.


A few facts about my Twitter usage: I tweet 350 times per month, my usage ramps up from Monday to top out on Friday, I tweet mostly by text, followed by Digsby, followed by web, I love @edadkins.

I’m not sure what that says about me, BUT I was just lamenting the fact that I don’t have remotely that many followers on Google Reader. Pretty much just Jerz, Jim, David, my sister, James Ball, Moser. And the only ones who ever recommend anything are Bobzien and Jerz. I use Feedly a lot too and have a gob of other friends there, I think because I have it hooked up with friend feed. But most of them I don’t know and most of them only recommend tech, social media, business, financial crap. There’s an article there about how to make good powerpoints. I tagged that #whothefuckcares.

So What blog reader are people reading? What are you reading? I use Google Reader and Feedly. FRIEND ME!


I’m frankly tired of reading the Alisters. I don’t care what Scoble has to say about how he gets the first alert on new Google products and how lame I am for not jumping on the bandwagon as soon as he did. I’m tired of Godin’s not helpful, semi-motivational generalities. There’s so much crap about SEO on the blogosphere that it isn’t worth looking.

I didn’t get into this for that. I love creativity. Interest. Creativity doesn’t flow from info. Technology isn’t a means to it’s own end. SEO means nothing with out good content. None of that matters if you have nothing to say about the world that isn’t self referential. I want to read about the hike you went on. I want to read tweets from the NKOTB concert. I want to see pics of your beat up face. I want to read about your troubles and your positive outlook on life. I want to see the web videos that keep you sane. Tell me about your day, your life, how awesome lunch was, your favorite beer, your search for love (or your flight from it)…