According to this definitive survey, Foursquare, the much buzzed about location based social networking game is annoying. As of posting, a total of 24 persons (including me) took the survey. below are the results:

Most people do not send Foursquare updates to Twitter, none send them to Facebook


Most people find Automated Foursquare updates annoying


Most people feel that Foursquare should not have it’s own notifications feed

What is the best thing about Foursquare?

“Letting friends know where I’m at.”

“seeing what other places friends enjoy frequenting, that and avoiding wherever @tommyguns is”

“Checking in when stuck in traffic everyday at the same place to become mayor of “I hate 395 and Plumb at 4:30PM”

“tips from people I know”

What is the worst thing about Foursquare?

“Setting yourself up for more advertising.”

“can’t easy look through friends’ recommendations / to do’s”

“I don’t care where you are”

“Updates from an IKEA chair….haha”

“the “game of points” – seriously, it’s a “contest” for some to see how many check-ins they can accumulate while most aren’t in it for the “points””

The Survey

To view a summary of the Survey click here.

For the full survey spreadsheet, click here. It will continue to update.

If you haven’t taken the survey, you can take it here.

Thanks for participating. If the survey ends up swinging in the other direction, I’ll update this post.