I have to say that at first i thought Gary Vaynerchuk was loud and annoying. I still think that, but unlike his right-wing-douchetard brother-from-another-mother rush limbaugh, the motherfucker actually is right.

Not only that, what he says, as far as I can tell, he does. I emailed him today about speaking for the local Ad Club and he responded already. Thanks Gary! You’re an inspiration to us loud annoying people everywhere!

Key points about online marketing stratey for media:

  • Media marketing onine is about sticking with it and being committed, it’s not a one-off deal.
  • The english language is extremely important, but commas, spelling, grammar, useage add up to your own voice in online media. People who can’t see past that are probably not your target anyway.
  • Drop some Eff Bombs
  • If you can’t speak on a street corner in NYC without half the audience Qiking your every word and movement, you’re an amateur.
That’s it. If you love Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV, then you’ll looooove TallCanTV