It was a good run, but as of today, i am no longer employed by the company formerly known as Twelve Horses.  Myself, and several others (all horses) were let go.

First things first. I want to recognize the guidance, support, help, friendship and leadership of David LaPlante, Martin Gastanaga and Steve Spencer. Not only are they awesome to work for, they each have given me knowledge, experience, confidence and connections that I need to succeed.


I learn something from everyone. I take some quality, way of doing things, phrases, attitudes, philosophies etc. that might potentially make me a better person or more like them. From Dave: I take the ability to think big, couch wacky ideas in common sense terms and the importance of having someone watching your back (also triangles). From Martin I take the ability to juxtapose legit business seriousness with Natty Ice, the importance of supporting and fighting for your team and the importance of staying true to your word, (also donuts). From Steve, the ability to calculate a situation and boil a problem down to it’s essence and attack it and the ability to make people laugh in 5 time zones at the same time.

Second: Thanks to everyone at Twelve Horses for being great to work with. I’ve learned a lot from all of you, including, but not limited to the following:

  • how to impress clients with backflips
  • how to tell people that they’re wrong and that’s not going to work and we’re going to do it this way while making them laugh and totally want to change gears
  • How to call a spade a spade and then turn it into an ace
  • how to follow a Gantt chart
  • how to be a nice cheerful IT guy
  • how to deal with crabby IT guys
  • how to produce jello wrestling videos
  • how to communicate vague half formed creative ideas
  • how to file an insurance claim for $8,000 in stolen equipment

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Robert Payne, Rob Gaedtke and especially Leilani Schweitzer are awesome.

What am I going to do next?

Well, no one likes to be shown the door, but it’s worse to be get caught with your pants down. My pants are firmly up… I saw this coming and am prepared. What’s next for me is freelance. I’ll be working on new video projects with clients under the name Podlatch Media.

I’ll also be working with some of the other local independent web developers, strategists and creatives to take on some cool small brand identity, social media, web design and video projects under the name Arborglyph.

I thought about doing a Michael Moore style documentary by going under cover to expose the conspiracy of the FDA to make people think Bacon is bad for you. I’m still in the early phases of that. I also might run for president. What else should I do?