About this blog

This blog is for me to post, comment and discuss anything at all that interests me. This is not an seo blog. This is not a marketing blog. This is not a social media blog. But i might at any point decide to post about any of those topics in addition to notes about my dog, or my family. At best, this blog is a place to find stories. At worst, it’s just a place to find stuff.

I believe that blogging is a personal and collaborative format for storytelling and community. There is a commercial and professional application, which i am involved in as my career, but from the perspective of new media and internet communities in general, that is secondary. I will try to use this forum to promote that viewpoint and celebrate examples that illustrate it.

About iaimccw

i am indisposed is a new media blog specializing in podcasting, blogging, new media communications and web distribution. Note that i didn’t say strategy. Here is your new media strategy: don’t be boring and lame. Good content is the only strategy.


Here’s how this thing works. I write stuff and post it here and nobody reads it. I think that’s something we can all live with.

Alright. So that’s not completely accurate. So WTF, I’ll tell you about myself. I’m a writer. I do fiction, non-fiction and copywriting. Yeah, spellchecker doesn’t know what copywriting is either. It’s any of the, sometimes creative, text in advertising, marketing and business writing.


I’m all about creativity and originality and new things and new voices. The blogs I write for all give me an outlet to have fun and get people to read what I write and hopefully think I’m cool. It’s hit-or-miss.

I write a monthly outdoors article in Rlife Magazine, supply photographs and other articles as necessary. I’m writing for the print version and sometimes the blog of The Practical Pedal. I had an essay printed in the Mountain Gazette. I write daily/weekly posts on The Bacon Strip and i am indisposed, periodic posts, editing and maintenance on poedunk.com and weethump.com and the Reno Bike Project Blog.

I also edit and write for the Nevada Wilderness Project Blog @ www.weethump.com. It’s an eclectic voice for news, info and inspiration about the wild lands of Nevada. Our goal is to create a cool, fun and open online brand identity that will expand and enhance the membership of the NWP. I edit and write for the NWP Newsletter. We’re looking to make some cool changes to that document, so please become a member so you can get the print version in your mailbox.

I’ve been writing for years, I have a degree in creative writing from the University of New Mexico. I have 8 years experience in all kinds of commercial writing and not getting my fiction published. So here it is.

I have a day job for now. I’ll tell you the cross streets and you can guess which of the pepto bismol colored buildings I work in @ Mill St. and Financial Blvd.

That’s it, I’m going to Quiznos…