That’s right. I’m posting a recipe to this blog. There’s a first time for everything (except that).

For the Reno Collective Holiday Party and Cookie Battle, I made what Danielle says is the best cookies I’ve ever made (and I’ve made my fair share of cookies). These cookies start out with the standard Snickerdoodle recipe from the better homes and gardens cook book. If you do not own the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, click here to order it. Otherwise you have no business cooking anything.

Maple Sugar


Organic Maple Sugar

I picked this maple sugar up at Whole Foods. It was about $16 for 2 cups. The exact amount I needed to make a double batch of the modified Snickerdoodle cookie recipe. Maple sugar is what’s left of maple sap after all the water is boiled away. It has a good maple flavor and is not super sweet. This product is fine grained, almost a confectioner sugar, but it worked just fine for the cookies.

Maple Bacon

For this purpose I wanted a thin sliced bacon that would crisp up nicely. Smoked bacon usually stays chewy. Farmer John is the bacon of choice for a nice light, crispy strip of bacon. The maple flavor is tasty. Its not organic or fancy, but it doesn’t need to be for a cookie. I used 7 strips which is about half the pack.

bacon bits in cookies

I fried it up crispy, then chopped it into bits and added it to the batter at the same time as I added the flour.

Rolling the Dough

bacon snickerdoodleSnickerdoodles are not rolled out and cut like a christmas cookie. That’s too much effort for me. For these you just get a glob, roll it into a ball, roll it in sugar without cinnamon for this purpose. I used a turbinado sugar for these.

bacon cookies

Then you place them on the sheet and mash them down a bit and bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

Apple Butter Frosting

apple butter frosting

This is a modified butter cream frosting. Butter cream frosting is butter, cream or milk and powdered sugar. Apple butter frosting is apple butter (I used 1 16 oz jar of R.W. Knudsen Organic Apple Butter), maple syrup ( just a splash) and powdered sugar.

The Cookie

You want to take the cookies out after they deflate a bit, but before they start to brown. The maple and turbinado sugar makes the color change hard to see, but the deflation is easy to spot.

Maple bacon suger cookie with apple frosting

The icing came out thin since I ran out of powdered sugar, but it is very tangy and tasty. To ice the cookies I spooned a small amount on the cookie and let it flow out. They turned out well. I plan to win the Cookie Battle!