Best Day Ever.

Of all the things a kid can be born with, nothing is better than having parents who are totally psyched and over the moon in love with him long before they ever meet. -LeilaniS

His name is Bowie Jack Henderson. He shares his name with a knife, a rock star, a pirate, a Haskell-class attack transport and an underwater volcano. He was born on Mother’s Day at 13:24. He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was born at home under the care of Diane Schaub of Sierra Midwifery Services.

my baby and my babymama

The business of giving birth is intense. When I compare it to things I’ve done, i come up way short. When it got down the the end, after exhausting herself, Danielle had to make her strongest efforts. It was pretty amazing. She never once doubted that she could do it, and never hesitated to do what she had to do. With her calm and certain encouragement, Diane gave her the confidence. I did my best to give her the comfort she needed. Then Danielle did it all herself. The photo above shows how happy she is with herself. They make an awesome pair!

Walking around the park @ river fest we got good thoughts and smiles from all our friends. It helped. Thank you!


Lots more to say. Still getting used to this. Thanks to all the congratulations and well wishes and smiles and hugs and handshakes. We’re super stoked!