Based on this post on the Nevada New Media blog, I have questions.


Photo by Kino-eye

Photo by Kino-eye

Different industries use the term “New Media” in different ways. So what do we mean when we talk about new media? That’s one of the first questions we have to try and answer as a group so that Nevada New Media can develop a set of goals on which to focus. Let’s start the conversation right here, right now. [emphasis added]

1) Where were you when we were talking about new media topics over the last few months and years? I didn’t see a comment from you on this post, or this one,  or here, or here . The conversation has been started several other places @several other times in the past. It would be great if you could either take part in them, or quote and link to them so that your new blog was a resource. New media is about being part of a community and interacting and participating on multiple forums.

2) I don’t see a signature on this post yet you use the first person as if we are supposed to know who you are. Sure I assume it is Tracy posting, but who else knows that?

3) As for the blogroll, I would use technorati and see which nevada blogs come up for a search for new media and use those. But since you either weren’t aware of those other discussions, or disregarded them for some reason, what will your blogroll offer those of us in “new media” in Nevada?