So I posted earlier about the Android apps i HAVE to have, now for a few that are really NICE to have for usability and connectivity:

Easy Tether:

Just tried this one for the first time. It seems to work. Easy Tether is a simple easy to use system to tether your computer to the internet through your Android phone. You get the app from the marketplace, download the software for your laptop, connect the phone via usb and BANG! The intertoobs are dumping their awesome infojuice all over your junk. I don’t know how fast it is. But it seems decent. It’s faster than dial up, but not as fast as your mom.


Does what you think it does: Sync an android phone with iTunes. Up until now this was the one bummer feature of Android. But this works even better than an iPod and iTunes for a couple of reasons. 1) It syncs over a WiFi network. No plugging it in. 2) It starts automatically when you turn on your computer. It detects it, loads iTunes, and starts syncing your latest podcast downloads. 3) You choose the playlists to sync from the phone rather than from the computer. Other than that it works the same as an iPhone. It even removes playlists when you turn of syncing. It doesn’t do video yet and doesn’t do DRM and audio book formats either. It will also sync music purchased through the Amazon MP3 store back to your computer and iTunes and optionally delete the files from your device.


Turns your droid into a remote multitouch trackpad and keyboard via wifi network. Activate the Java applet on the desktop (windows or Mac) load the RemoteDroid app on the Droid and you’ve got a remote for your computer. Great for presentations, operating a media center or just sitting back in your chair and looking at porn.

RemoteDroid demo from Joshua Sera on Vimeo.

Google Gesture Search:

Still a bit rough, but great for searching your phone by drawing letters rather than typing them. This seems like an experimental feature for now, maybe they’ll add it to the OS at some point. You open gesture search instead of hitting the dedicated search key, and start writing with your finger right on the screen. I like it. it’s much easier to do while trying to also pay attention to frying bacon than using the soft keyboard.