Weekly Challenge video this week

is a trip to the park with Bowie and Juni. Shot on my Canon HV30 mounted to the bike, the Burley Trailer, and the fence with a clamp mount and a Bogen mini ball mount. Edited in Final Cut, strobed to 12 FPS and sped up to 400% and 600%.

The music is Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like an Eagle remixed by Pretty Lights. I found Pretty Lights last week on A tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry by Tristan Greszko. Download Pretty Lights music here.

That was a long week wasn’t it!

In fact, it was a regulation week. I still have my weekly challenge in tack though. I uploaded my last video on Sunday March 27th and this one Saturday May 9th. So I got almost 2 weeks to get this one out! But now I only have 7 days for the next one…