I’ve been using drop.io for a while now. Though the main reason I jumped in on it was my general earlyadopterism, I have found it quite useful. It’s simple, easy file and media sharing with no login and no email. But that’s not the point.
Down at the bottom of every drop.io page is a little Facebook logo with a link to the drop.io Facebook page. Now I haven’t seen any adds in the 45 minutes a month I spend on Facebook so I can’t say if this is Facebook Marketing or not, but it is a simple easy concise home for info, connections and comments about drop.io.

Why Facebook Pages work

(even if you don’t have a facebook profile…)

  • It’s easy and simple to connect, view, and comment while learning more.
  • The format, while not the BEST, is the same as any other Facebook page: you know what to expect.
  • Users see the Facebook logo and click knowing what they’ll find.
  • you can share content with your friends easily.
  • you can learn about the product through comments on the wall
  • you can post videos and images. There are actually a few “fan videos” on YouTube, but they haven’t been added yet.
  • you can track usage, which you can do with a landing page, but you can also collect contacts, which you can sort of do with a contact form and surveys, but who the hell wants to fill out a survey?
  • host cimments, video, images, rss feeds, links and events all in one place.

I think this is a good example of a Facebook Page being used to market a product or service. Funny thing is that it doesn’t do much more than the drop.io product except for showing the users. But you don’t have to have a profile to view it, so it’s kind of like a free landing page for them with the benefit of having an established social network associated with it.

What do you think about Facebook Pages?