Confessions of a Social Media Expert:
Rumble @ the Royal
1) I can’t stand MySpace. Oh yes, I’m on MySpace. And what have I gotten from the relationship? About a thousand solicitation emails from lovely young ladies who have interesting profiles and far more interesting websites. When I set up profiles for clients they are ALWAYS FEMALE. The result is no porn spam. Go figure.

2) Facebook Apps are lame. Oregon Trail? Super Poke? A dozen emails with no info in them telling me I have a useless message on facebook??!?!! I’m over it.

I only ever had one interesting interaction on Facebook with someone with whom I went to highschool. She friended a bunch of people FB said were her high school friends, and I had no recollection. Then I looked at her pics and sort of recognized her, but REALLY recognized her boyfriend. Turns out HE went out with MY sister when they were in highschool, which was about 10 years after WE were in high school. “Yeah, she’s hella old,” my sister says…

3) I rely on Twitter to stay informed. We like to talk about using personal social networks of people we trust to help filter the content we need from the world around us. David has some good comments in here. As such, my personal network does a great job of keeping me informed. Especially @rgj, @skialpine, and @colinloretz. And here’s something about how you can use Twitter as a customer service tool