There is a strong and compelling reason for good SEO despite what some pretentious writers might have to say about it. But there are some compelling reasons to ignore it, and even some good reasons to subvert it. Sometimes you want to avoid searches. In a world where page rank is like currency, everyone has a googl aleret for them self, and everyone tracks their brand on twitr, you might want to hide the fact that you went to starbux for a crapuccino.

This is not a marketing article, this is about saying what you want, to whom you want, without attracting attention. Let’s remember why we started bloging to begin with and not the new corporate bullshit reason we are now getting paid to do it. Blogs are about personal self expression of passion and creativity with a healthy dose of interaction with people we know and trust, and people with whom we care to debate. If, for example, you want to bad mouth someone famous and highly connected like Jasno Calanakis, you can’t just come out and do it. That would be search baiting.

And while some people [] think that good writing quality is either the sole reason, or merely an amusing, but purely incidental sideline of blogging, some of us would like to get attention for the quality of our ideas AND the virtuosity of our writing. [/highhorse] Don’t know who that callanikis guy is? I’m not so sure either. Google him if you think you know.

1) Don’t use links: your link will be tracked. You’ll end up helping the person you didn’t want to help by sending them traffic and increasing their search stats. If any press is good press than any blog buzz is another opportunity to improve customer experience. And when we’re talking about something like Focks News, or An Coultier that’s the last thing we want. If you do use links include the nofollow attribute.

2) Don’t spell anything right. Your readers are not stupid, that’s why they tune into your channel. Everything in this post was misspelled for a reason. Honest mom…

Don’t drop names. Sure I name drop Tweleve Hoarses and Daveed Laplant, but that’s cause he’s a friend, a neighbor and my boss. Who is Dayveed Lapltane? Oh come now. Everyone knows him.

3) Don’t twitter brand names unless you want a friend invite. In all honesty, I do it too. But some people just blast the invites out with no regard for who, what, when, where or why. What’s the point? If you want to use Twitter that way you need to take the time to learn something about the people you find tracking your brand to see if they are really a good fit to your stream. Otherwise you’re just beaming your content out to nowhere while giving yourself a chubby thinking about the thousands of people who love you.

I don’t know who that guy is. I tweet that i like the majalo podcass and get hit with two follows. Do I care? not really. Does it annoy me? no. This is a blog. I’m being ironically snarky.

4) Get the tinyurl plugin for firefox. No search terms in the html or on the code. Can they search the href content and pull out a user name? How the hell should I know. Are we getting sick of the rhetorical questions? Quite.

5) I wonder if there is a market for a tinyurl type service that will host and redirect links so you can hide them from golag analyttics…

6) if you want to go even farther, here are some links to things I don’t quite understand, but probably work.

Well that wasn’t much of a list, but it’s bed time and I’m trying to reign myself in…