I used to watch a bunch of Satruday Night Live. Then I got old and boring and now I watch it on the web. Here’s a little skit that pokes fun at internet sexual predators, but also shows some of the problems that spam can cause with online social communities. MySpace for instance is a completely useless tool. All I ever get from that black hole is spam. But enough about me, here’s the video:

How do you police the web? You write good programs that have an avenue for marketing and make it hard enough to spam that it isn’t worth the effort. Facebook is a good one, ning.com is another. Twitter is one that has a few holes… Problems arise when social networks outlive social networking platforms.

Time will come when twitterspam and MySpace spam will reach a harmonic convergence (not a critical mass…) and someone will write a Facebook App or ning.com, or Jaiku, or Pownce or whatever plugin that will port your network from one platform to another and allow to to interact between the two on a more secure product. Maybe I want to use Jaiku because Twitter is getting too spammy. Well, my network is on Twitter, so I’m stuck. Mrjerz likes Pownce, but no one else does [cause of the limited upload size, try drop.io] so I don’t think he uses it much.

Mark my works people. Networks will be portable. How do I know? [i just make most of this shit up on the fly]