Some things can get you hurt, some things can get you killed and some things can get you a shit ton of hits to your twitter profile. Being the first with a clever, accurate or even mundane response to an earthquake in Reno, Nevada Is one of those things that can make or brake your social media aura and propel you to the top of everyone’s mind for a few minutes, or relegate yourself to minor obscurity. Here are some educational videos we produced:

In video # 1 Andy may have saved his life with his quick and decisive “duck and cover” maneuver, but no one will know how he fared the traumatic event until he sits back up @ his desk.

In Video #2 Seth manages to fire off the first Twitter update associated with that particular siesmic event. That will likely garner him a free Guinness @ the pub tonight and increase his attractivness with local females. Good Job Seth! Also note that he is on his way out to check on others in the office and make sure they see his twitter message…

I hope we’ve all learned something.