Yesterday Rob and I ICEd McDowell. Fairly and legitimately and it gave me almost unlimited chuckles for at least 8 hours.

Even changing disgusting diapers @ 12, 2, 4 and 6 last night i was still chuckling. McD and his little buddy Kevin attempted to ice me this morning. They failed. Their failure was one of both imagination, though i have to give them credit for the “baby gift” plot, but also one of simple addition. They failed to properly calculate the number of ICEs in a six pack and didn’t realize that I had one with me for just such an emergency.

Here’s how it went down…

I have to admit, you totally had me. It was Rob who gave it all away. Kept asking me if i was in the office and asking me for the picture and all that. Rob is the real douche here and we are all the victims. But also, I’m a victim. And Kevin will be next…

Couple of questions about this though:

1) Can you use the block if the ICEr is not present?
2) If you block do you BOTH have to drink?
3) Wasn’t this ICE technically for a 5 week old infant? Bad form guys!!!
4) What the hell does all this mean?