You take your kids to daycare and go to the office. You make phone calls, go to meetings, write on white boards with colored markers. Then, at the end of the day, (at the end of the work day) you pick up your kid and head home. This is the way of the world for most of us, and it isn’t bad, but it just feels wrong to spend the lion’s share of the time you and your family are here together on this planet apart, doing separate things in separate places for separate reasons.

Blogs and Blogging

Some of you may have noticed me “liking,” tweeting and generally buzzing about posts on a new blog called The Gizzard Stone. This is my new blog venture that actually represents a step back for me.

Years ago, I started a blog called The Bacon Strip as a place for a group of my dirty hippie mountain biker friends to get together and share funny things, stories, news and stoke about skiing, mountain biking and life in general. Shortly thereafter I started this blog as a personal journal/creative space for myself.

Both blogs have changed and evolved, but more or less remain true to their original purpose and format. The thing that has changed is me and the amount of time and effort I put into maintaining them. I had thought that becoming self employed would reinvigorate my dedication to writing and blogging, and it has, to a limited degree. I still enjoy writing and sharing the interesting things I come across on the web, but my interests have shifted and I find myself with someone else’s interests to consider, namely, The Dude.

The Gizzard Stone

So I’d like to introduce you to my new blog, The Gizzard Stone: a directory of cool stuff to show your kid. This was born of one of our favirite things to do together at home which is look at animals on the iPad, then search for videos of animals on YouTube. It’s fun, simple, engaging and gives us things to talk about, questions to ask and answer and things to explore. Why “The Gizzard Stone?”

Since his first weeks though, Bowie has been a good partner for going out and exploring the real world. A role he has filled with more and more enthusiasm and skill with each passing week.

Many times I see families doing things together, but separate. Going to kid birthday parties, sidelined at a sports practice, etc. But my mom and dad were largely participant parents. They were far more likely to create experiences for me and my sisters that were engaging for themselves as well. Either directly, in the moment, or deferred gratification, creating skills and love for things like camping, skiing, the outdoors, that would pay dividends well above the investment.

The Gizzard Stone started out as just “cool stuff on the web,” but it’s going to expand in scope to just “cool stuff to show your kid.” Could be on the web, could be on the iPad, could be in real life. So I’ll be posting reviews of books, apps, places and things. All with the connection of things that both you and your kid will enjoy together.

I showed Bowie MonkeyMoon last night. He sat, completely attentive in my lap watching the short video. I said, “look! a monkey!” he said, “monkey.” I said, “Look! Rockets!” He said, “rocket.” I said, “look! the Moon!” He said, “Moon!” (he loves the moon…) Then when it was all over I said, “woah, dude. What just happened here? He said, “Cow” and started tapping the picture of the cow on the iPad screen.

I include more than just a neat photo or video on The Gizzard Stone. More than just a comment about it’s origin. The content is just a starting point. The spark that makes you curious about something, the map to get you started exploring, and a question, or two, to get you asking more.

Please take a look, show your kid. If you don’t have a kid, borrow one, and let me know what you think. If you would like to be a contributor, please contact me.