I’ve had about 2 months with my Motorola Droid on the Verizon Network. I’m happy with the quality of the handset battery life and network quality for both voice and data.  AT&T and my old iphone didn’t work at all at my desk deep inside the Reno-Tahoe Tech Center in South Reno, but the Droid works just fine.

From my experience, the Droid is a killer mobile device. I’m not sure why it has been reviewed as not standing up to the iPhone. From a hardware standpoint, it seems at least as robust if not moreso. From a software standpoint, it seems a tad rougher than iPhone, but mostly it’s just different. People migrating from iPhone might notice some things, but i don’t think noobs will.

The apps might be deal breakers. There are definitely more and better made apps available for iPhone. But as Android phone sales continue to rise I think that will change. They already have the apps I need.

The four best Features of Android 2.0 are as follows:

1) Multitasking:

You can answer the phone without stopping your Google My Tracks track. You can answer the phone while listening to Pandora. You can get notifications from Twidroid when it isn’t open. Seems smart. Apple is retarded for not figuring this out.

2) The dedicated buttons, particularly the back button:

dedicated buttons on the droid

Android phones have 4 dedicated buttons at the bottom of the touch screen. They are Back, Menu, Home and Search.

One of the things that bugged me about the iPhone was the fact that if one app sent you to another app, there was no way to get back without navigating to the home screen and clicking it. There’s a back button in iPhone’s Safari, but that only works in Safari.

Android gives you that. If twitter takes you to the browser, the back button will take you back to twitter. The button also seems to work to take you up one level sometimes too. If you click on the messaging app and end up on the last message you received, the back button will take you up to the list of received/sent text messages. This works the same in the gmail. Also, if you enter text into a form and want the virtual keyboard to go away, the back button will do that.

Having the two contextual buttons always there and the same is a great improvement for ease of use over the Apple wheel, i mean iPhone’s single button and random configuration of contextual buttons from app to app.

3) Recent Apps:

recent apps feature on Droid

The 6 running or most recent apps can be accessed by holding the home key down for a few seconds. A small icon list pops up and you can select the one you want. Badda Bing. I’m sure iPhone will have something like this if they ever get multitasking.

4) App integration:

Share photos on droid

Android lets app developers really integrate their software into the functionality of the phone as deeply as possible. For instance, If you navigate to a photo in the gallery or camera app and click the share button, in addition to the native apps, email, messaging, bluetooth, you get a list of apps that have been installed that are capable of sharing a photo. For me this includes Twidroid, Hootsuite, PicSayPro, Google Voice and FlickrDroid. It makes perfect sense. I think it’s really good, far better than iPhone and somewhat miraculous.