Welcome to the online home of Wolfy!

Welcome to the online home of Wolfy:


“Anyway, you get paid for your writing proves that the universe works as it should. You’re a talented douche.”
Cindie Geddes

“Worthless mountain biker, skier, and generally no good dirtbag”

“You’re no dancing Nosferatu, but you’re an artist in your own right.”

“@mehwolfy duly noted. I actually had to edit that tweet so a TWSS joke wasn’t immediately obvious. I underestimated your ability.”

I am an online content creator based in Reno, NV specializing in multimedia storytelling with words, photos and video. I have been working in fiction and non-fiction writing for the last 12 years and audio and video podcast production for the last 2 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico. I work for the company formerly known as Twelve Horses where I [used to] produce the Horse Power video Podcast, a business podcast focused on technology and communications. For my employer, I also produce, direct, shoot (video and stills), edit, copywrite and distribute for the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort Podcast, Homewood Mountain Ski Resort Podcast and the Nevada Museum of Art Podcast.


I like to ski. I like to travel. I own a home and have a stake in my community. I do what I can to help improve things, not damage things and generally be a positive thing to be around. Sometimes that’s hard. We all have to drop F-Bombs.

My passion is storytelling. I Love to tell stories with photography, audio and video and especially writing.

In my spare time (HA!) I produce, direct, act in, write and distribute video podcasts for the Podlatch Media Group, a loose confederation of Reno marketing and advertising professionals who share a passion for video, social media, and cheap beer.

Bios from articles

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